The RECK company was founded on 1 May 1957 by Mr. Anton Reck.

In the early seventies, Mr. Reck developed an innovative movement therapy machine. In close contact with doctors and therapists from University hospitals and specialized rehabilitation facilities, it has been continuously developed further into today's internationally well-known MOTOmed MovementTherapySystem


It was the RECK company that has first developed the SpasmControl featuring a SpasmReleaseProgram with automatic direction change. For the first time, a therapeutic trainer was able to ease spasms so that patients with spasticity were able to train safely and beneficially.


In 1988 the MOTOmed movement therapy machine was approved by the health insurance system in Germany and put onto the official list of approved medical products. In the meantime, the MOTOmed has become the most sold motorized movement therapy machine worldwide. A multitude of individuals have derived substantial benefits for themselves.


Quality, reliability and innovation these are the everyday guidelines of the RECK employees. Research, development and production are all carried out in-house at the company's offices and production site in Betzenweiler, Germany (located between Stuttgart and Lake Constance). The RECK company and all distributors worldwide are committed to providing outstanding service for our customers.

Quality Management

- RECK has been working with a comprehensive quality management system for many years now and is certified according to:
- EN ISO 13485:2003 (quality management system for medical products)

Annex II, Section 3 of the directive 93/42/EEC (approved conformity assessment process corresponding to the law on medical products)

The RECK medical products comply with the CE mark displaying the legally stipulated registration number given by the certifying authority (CE 0124).

The following prices have been awarded to the RECK company

Bavarian state price, 1989
Economy medal, 2004
Award in the Czech Republic, 1999
golden REHAPROTEX, Brno 2000
The factory premises of the RECK company in Betzenweiler, Germany
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